More wastage of Third Reich resources


My original tumblr post was here.  This illustration is a cover of Man’s Power (February 1963). It contains the text “No Rest from Passion — Confessions of a Nymphomaniac. One tick to Doom: The Bomb Squad in Action. Love Captive of Castro’s Execution Squad Harlots. Soft Maidens for the Monster’s Devil Fish. Brides of [?] in the Cave of Horror”  Original text:



This time those damn commies have gone too far


My original tumblr post was here.  This illustration is a cover of Man’s Time (May 1963). It contains the text “Exposé: The Tragedy of Teenage Nymphos. Mme. Diane’s Sin School for Spies. The Plot to Murder Baseball. “Confess, My Love, or Die by Inches!” The Truth about Times Square Pickups. Drowned in a Flood of Lust.”  Original text:



The plot to murder baseball? They’ve really gone too far this time.

Those dastardly Japs/Chicoms/whoever


My original tumblr post was here.  This illustration is the cover of the March 1962 edition of Man’s Best magazine. It contains the text “‘Sex by Appointment Only,’ the true story of a hotel call-boy; It’s going on all around you in every town in America: ‘Wife-Swap on Commission’; ten minutes reading can keep you from dying before your time: ‘The Operation That Adds 10 Years to Your Life’; The inside story of the greatest treasure hunt in history: ‘Dead Man’s Gold.'”  Original text:


Man’s Best,1962

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Vulture peril


My original tumblr post was here.  This is a cover image of the magazine All Man containing the text “Pep pills: secret weapon of the love-starved male. Killer! Traitor! Fiend! The American RED who rules a Chinese harem… The 10,000 mistresses of Howard Dale. The incredible story of savage lust… Tomorrow we’ll dance in the white man’s blood.'”  Original text: