She’s the Ransom, Page 8

Hector taunts Laura over money, love, and inheritance.

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PAGE 8 (Four panels)

Panel 1: View of an emaciated woman lying in a hospital bed, an oxygen mask over her face.

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (1): “Your poor sister-in-law now lies dying of cancer. But in the event that your husband should…pass… first, most the of the great Bell estate would…pass…to her and her children.”

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (2): “What a shame that would be for you.”

Panel 2: View of Laura on the couch, looking indignant.

Laura (3): How dare you make such insinuations!

Laura (4): I love my husband.

Panel 3: Hector, his face mock-apologetic, the cigar to one side.

Hector (5): Oh, I am sorry. I had forgotten – no woman ever marries for money.

Hector (6): You are all savvy enough to fall in love with the billionaires first.

Panel 4: Laura, leaning forward, her face now dark and flushed with anger.

Laura (7): Continue to taunt me and I shall call the police.

Laura (8): And I don’t care who would come to regret it.

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