She’s the Ransom, Page 18

Hector fondles and prepares to fuck the bound Laura.

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PAGE 18 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Hector behind Laura, leaning over to speak to her while brushing her hair out of her eyes. Laura has her head turned on its side, resting on the table.

Hector (1): It seems we have you where we want you.

Laura (2): Bastard!

Panel 2: Extreme close-up showing Hector’s fingers stroking Laura’s labia and clitoris.

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (3): “I think you’re actually excited by this.”



Panel 3: Close up of the fly of Hector’s jumpsuit, which he is unzipping.

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (6): “Remember that the price of your husband’s life is your doing everything we say, for just a little while.”

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (7): “Tell me that you want it.”

Panel 4: Same close up as the previous panel, except that Hector’s penis is now out. It is large and erect.

CAPTION – LAURA SPEAKING (8): “I want it.”

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