She’s the Ransom, Page 15

A knife-threat to Mr. Bell's eyeball makes Laura reconsider her refusal to strip.

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PAGE 15 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Hector stands, shrugging slightly, still looking calm. Just to his side, Hong is in the act of pulling a wicked-looking combat knife out of a sheath on her belt.

Hector (1): That is your right, of course. If you do not wish to do what we ask, we shall simply let you walk away. Back your sports car and your townhouse.


Panel 2: Hector and Hong flank Bell on either side. Hector gestures at Bell as if he were some sort of interesting exhibit, while Hong holds the point of her knife just short of one of Bell’s eyeballs.

Hector (3): What subsequently happens to your husband, though, night not be very pretty.

Bell (4): Mmm-mmph!

Panel 3: View of Laura, standing, now clearly in a moment of confusion and indecision. She is touching the tips of her fingers to her lower lip.

Laura (5): I…

Panel 4: Close-up on Bell’s face. Hong’s knife enters the panel and its point is clearly only millimeters from his eye. His eyes are wide open, pleading. A drop of sweat is visibly rolling down the side of his face.

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