She’s the Ransom, Page 27

Dead Laura Bell is about to be come a big-time social media star.

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PAGE 27 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Hector looking at something on a tablet computer, apparently video. Hector wears a smirk. Murray on one side of him, and Hong on the other, sneak a peek at what he’s watching.

Murray (1): See that? I mean, Jesus, Hector. I think you actually made her come.

Hector (2): Hmph!

Panel 2: Hector faces Bell, both seen in profile. Bell’s head is still slumped against his chest.

Hector (3): We shall be releasing this, Mr. Bell, on a variety of social networks. Blabber, Stumblr, Facepalm, Artfart, you name it.

Hector (4): The authorities will try to suppress it, for every copy they remove, ten more will pop up.

Panel 3: Daytime outside somewhere. A group of wide-eyed teenagers staring at a mobile phone held by one of them.

CAPTION – HECTOR NARRATING (5): The ever-appealing elements of sex and violence will guarantee the video’s going viral.

Panel 4: Hector, striking a pose as if he’s looking off into the distance.

Hector (5): The message will be clear, Mr. Bell. Everyone who serves your “Dear Leader” as you have must live in fear. They can hide nowhere. We can reach them anywhere.

Hector (6): The day of our liberation, comrades, may be far off, but it will come.

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