She’s the Ransom, Page 9

Hector leaves Laura with instructions about how she can become the ransom.

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PAGE 9 (Three panels)

Panel 1: Panel occupying the upper left of the page. Hector has reached into his jacket again and is in the middle of bringing out a single folded sheet of paper.

Hector (1): Very well. I shall come to the point. We want you to come to this address I’ve written down for you. When you get there, come in the shipping entrance and follow the red light.

Hector (2): You must do exactly as we say for a short time, probably less than fifteen minutes. If you do, we shall not lay a single finger on your husband, and then leave the two of you in peace.

Panel 2: Panel occupying the lower left of the page. Close-up of Laura looking at the sheet, studying it. The P.O.V. in this panel should be so close that the sheet obscures her mouth and chin.

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (3): “We shall have lookouts posted, so if you try to bring help, we will know, and it will go very badly for your husband.”

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (4): “Be there at 2 a.m.”

Panel 3: Long panel down the lower-right of the page. Same P.O.V. as we done on Page 2, Panel 1. Hector is in the act of letting himself out the front door, with his head turned to speak a parting sentence or two.

Hector (5): You really should have some of that brandy, Mrs. Bell.

Hector (6): You might need it.

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