She’s the Ransom, Page 26

Laura hanged and dead and they've got it all on video!

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PAGE 26 (Single panel)

Single panel: Hector, Keisha, and Hong all stand around the now-dead Laura, whose body hangs by the neck a few feet off the floor from a rope leading up out of the panel. Bell in his wheelchair is visible, his head slumped forward onto his chest. Emerging into the panel is MURRAY, a short, slightly plump Euro-American with curly brown hair and thick glasses. He’s wearing a photographer’s vest and Army-surplus boots and khaki pants and holding a video recorder.

Hector (1): Good work, team. Murray, did you get all that?

Murray (2): Sure did. Even a few good facial shots of Laura Bell’s exciting last minutes on earth.

Murray (3): Just a bit of editing and strategic facial pixelations, and it will be ready to release.

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