It brings mental sunshine


Original post here. Image is an advertisement containing the text “Sa-tan-ic. ‘For all the world.’ It brings mental sunshine. ‘How’s your disposition?’ — is equivalent to asking ‘How’s your liver?’ A fit of the ‘blues’ and a disordered liver go hand in hand. SA-TAN-IC makes you sunny’ — goes right to the cause of the trouble –gives the liver and digestive organs a thorough toning. Result — improved digestion, better appetite, nourished nerves and cheerfulness. Try SA-TAN-IC as a ‘flu’ preventative. Also relieves colds, indigestion, rheumatism, and most nervous troubles, and most headaches. For sale by all druggists. Ask for SA-TAN-IC SALVE and SA-TAN-IC LINIMENT.” Sourced to arcaneimages.