She’s the Ransom, Page 11

Laura peers fearfully into the abandoned factory.

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PAGE 11 (Five panels)

(Note: partly in color, the red light)

Panel 1: Laura coming up a short flight of stairs leading to the loading platform.

Panel 2: Laura tugging hard with both hands at a sliding metal door into the factory interior. She’s grimacing with the effort. The door has not slid easily and has jammed after opening about a foot.

SFX – DOOR OPENING (1): Screeeee…chk!

Panel 3: This is a small inset panel in a corner of Panel 4, below, representing Laura’s P.O.V. as she looks into the gloom of the factory interior. It is a dot of red light set in a field of black.

Panel 4: View from inside the factory. Laura’s face is peering through slot made possible by the partly opened door. There is a faint flush of red illumination over everything. Laura’s eyes are wide open, nervous.

Panel 5: Laura squeezing through the slot into the factory.

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