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My original tumblr post was here.  This image is Coitus Vilius by Trollskog-Studio.  The Studio appends the appropriate text:

Coïtus Vīlis

“When it come to matin’ with them toad-lookin’ fishes, the Kanakys kind o’ balked, but finally they larnt something as put a new face on the matter. Seems that human folks has got a kind a’ relation to sech water-beasts – that everything alive come aout o’ the water onct an’ only needs a little change to go back agin. Them things told the Kanakys that ef they mixed bloods there’d be children as ud look human at fust, but later turn more’n more like the things, till finally they’d take to the water an’ jine the main lot o’ things daown har.”

– H.P. Lovecraft, ‘The Shadow over Innsmouth’

Original text:

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The Miskatonic

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My original tumblr post was here.  Original text:


Hey guys, The Miskatonic has a Patreon now! Specifically for folks who want 1080p wallpapers of the game and want to pre-order the game over the course of a few months (or in one big chunklet, Patreon keeps records of pledges.)

I’m still uploading a bunch of wallpapers, but there’s some free ones up there for those of you that just wanna see what’s up before you put money down.

Check it out here!

Cheers guys!

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