In and out

This animation is by Japanese artist Kotoe Murasaki. Although little information about him seems to be available in English, there are half a dozen related animations here. Much more of his artwork may be found here. Possibly of related interested: the unbirth drawing thread (with much artwork from many sources) at Eka’s Portal.
Image provenance by Bacchus at Erosblog.

Fucked by the gel-monster

This is another of the many short animated clips contained within the 2002 eroge game Viper-RSR from the now-defunct Japanese game company Sogna. (According to Wikipedia, Sogna’s games generally featured “young Japanese girls who, in one way or another, find themselves either kidnapped or attacked by monsters, cyborgs, or aliens.”) This forum thread identifies the redhead as Akira Honjoji, the main character in the “Rise” series of Viper games. The animation appears with several other Viper-RSR clips on this Japanese-language site.
Image provenance by Bacchus at Erosblog.


This is an excerpt from a slightly longer animation said to have been created by Juan Gotoh, although it seems no longer to be found on his website. In the longer version of this animation, our suicide girl can first be seen kneeling and making a short speech before her assistant draws the katana. The longer clip then concludes with the dead girl’s wide-eyed still-talking head landing and bouncing. According to a comment on this Japanese-language website, the animation was released as part of a 2005 collection of computer graphics (CG) by Gotoh, which collection remains available for purchase.
Image provenance by Bacchus at Erosblog.