She’s the Ransom: Page 1

Rich wife Laura Bell gets driven home after some expensive shopping.

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PAGE 1 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Nighttime. View through the front windshield of a very expensive sedan. Sitting in the driver’s seat and driving is JAMES (“James”), a very large African-American man in a chauffeur’s uniform. In the back seat, on the passenger side, sits LAURA BELL (“Laura”). Laura is a supermodel-beautiful but buxom blond woman, very stylishly attired in a suit with a low-cut blouse that reveals some cleavage. She’s fixing her makeup. On the seat beside her are shopping bags from some sort of pricey department store or boutique.

Panel 2: James is holding the rear passenger door open for Laura, who is getting out of the car, carrying her shopping bags. They are parked in front of an urban town-house of the sort one sees on the more expensive streets of Manhattan or central Philadelphia.

James (1): Will you be needing me any more tonight, Mrs. Bell?

Laura (2): No, James, that will be all. You may go.

Panel 3: Laura climbing the stairs with her shopping bags.

Panel 4: Extreme close-up, showing Laura’s hand tapping the keys of a numeric keypad, presumably next to the front door of the townhouse.

SFX (3): Beep…beep…boop…

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