She’s the Ransom, Page 6

Hector presents evidence that his gang really does have Laura's husband.

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PAGE 6 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Laura holding up the phone, looking at it, her expression skeptical.

Laura (1): My husband has one just like it.

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (2): “Had one just like it.”

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (3): “Why don’t you open the video app and press ‘play?'”

Panel 2: Laura looking at the phone, her face registering confusion and alarm.

Laura (4): No…this isn’t real…

SFX – SOUNDS OF A STRUGGLE ON VIDEO (5): grr..ugh..shit!

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (6): “We have taken your husband, Mrs. Bell.”

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (7): “For a man in his condition he was surprisingly difficult to subdue.”

Panel 3: Hector in his chair, having put down his brandy snifter. He is reaching into his jacket to withdraw something from an inner pocket.

CAPTION – LAURA SPEAKING (8): It’s a forgery, a fake. You can do that with CGI now.

Panel 4: Extreme close-up showing a gold wedding band being passed from Hector’s finger’s to Laura’s.

Hector (out-of-panel balloon) (10): Really? Tell me then, can we make this with CGI?

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