She’s the Ransom, Page 28

Mr. and Mrs. Bell left in peace.

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PAGE 28 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Hector looks up at the hanging Laura. Her head is above the panel. He apostrophizes her.

Hector (1): Well, Mrs. Bell, you cannot say we did not hold up our end of the bargain.

Hector (2): We did not lay a finger more on your husband, and now we are going to leave you both in peace.

Panel 2: Hector, seen from chest-level up, apparently walking away, turning his head back to have one last work.

Hector (3): Goodbye, Mr. and Mrs. Bell.

Panel 3: Close-up on a hand having just thrown a big master switch on an industrial-looking panel somewhere.

SFX – SWITCH THROWN (4): chock!

Panel 4: A mostly-black panel, seen from the middle distance, showing the hanging Laura and the abandoned Bell as the most dimly-visible outlines in the darkness of the factory.


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