Poète maudit

I confess to having had a shock of recognition in reading the lines written on the page “Frères humains, qui après nous vivez,/N’ayez les cœurs contre nous endurcis…“, the opening words of François Villon’s Ballade des pendus.  Not from reading Villon, so much (sadly, I am not so literate), but because Truman Capote used them as the opening epigraph for In Cold Blood.

It all connects, I guess.

Girl gunned down


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April 1937 issue

cover art by H.I. Parkhurst

Mort Lansing, “Murder for Exercise” (Johnny Harding)

Stewart Gates, “Bullets and Pearls”

E. Hoffmann Price, “Headless Corpse” (Cliff Cragin)

Robert Leslie Bellem, “Death for a Name” (Dan Turner)

Cary Moran, “Killer in the Cold” (Mike Cockrell)

Adolphe Barreaux, “The Missing Models Mystery” (Sally the Sleuth)

Ellery Watson Calder, “Sacrifice Rap”

N. Wooten Poge, “Death Plays Knock-Knock” (Bill Carter)

Willis Vachel Keith, “House of Death”

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

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