She’s the Ransom, Page 7

Hector helps himself to a cigar.

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PAGE 7 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Laura’s P.O.V. She is looking at the inside of the wedding band, which she holds with her fingertips. Inside the band we can read at least part of the inscription STEVEN & LAURA BELL.



Panel 2: Laura is now sitting on the couch to Hector’s right. Laura looks like someone trying – successfully for the moment – to keep her anger under control. Hector is lighting a cigar and looks very calm.

Laura (3): What do you want? Is it money? To make some sort of political statement?

Hector (4): Did you know, your husband has excellent taste in cigars as well?

Panel 3: Hector smoking, having now lit his cigar.

Hector (5): It would be a shame if anything untoward should happen to a man of such refinement.

Laura (6): Stop toying with me!

Panel 4: Close up on Hector’s face. He’s blowing smoke rings.

Hector (7): Oh, I can see that you’re very concerned.

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