She’s the Ransom, Page 5

Laura resolves to get the stranger thrown out, but it doesn't go anywhere.

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PAGE 5 (Four panels)

Panel 1: Laura is now holding a mobile phone in one hand, dialing with her thumb, pointing with her other hand, her expression at once haughty and angry.

Laura (1): I’ll have you dealt with soon enough!

SFX – PHONE DIALING (2): tik…tik…tik…

Panel 2: Hector sits back in his chair, brandy in hand, an almost-pitying look on his face. He speaks as Laura’s phone rings at length, going unanswered.

Hector (3): We have persuaded your private security to take the night off as well. By means, to be sure, rather less emollient than those we used with your maid.

SFX – PHONE RINGING (4): ring…ring…ring…ring…

Panel 3: Laura holding her phone to her ear, beginning to look agitated as no one picks up on the other end of the line.

Laura (5): C’mon…

SFX – PHONE RINGING (6): ring…ring…

CAPTION – HECTOR SPEAKING (7): “As for contacting the regular police, well, perhaps you’d best hear me out first. You might come to regret it if you don’t.”

Panel 4: Hector leaning forward in his chair, touching his finger to the mobile phone laid out on the table.

Hector (8): Do you recognize this phone, Mrs. Bell?

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