Into the pirhana tank

Image is a cover found in this gallery at Pulp Covers. Hat tips to Bondage Blog and Kinky Delight for directing my attention to the cover art. Image contains the text “For Men Only. Exciting Book Bonus. The Naked Hunt. ‘An insatiable nude and a homicidal maniac lure McGrath into a shootout from the fleshpots of New York to the violent hills of Kentucky’ — Digest. True, the Year’s Frankest Expose. Pastor Gaier and his 21-blonde love cult. True Book Bonus from the $5.95 Best Seller by Our Greatest Explorer ‘Survive and film the World’s Last Stone Age Tribes’ Fiction Bonus: Snowed In With Angela. Extra-Length Dynamite. Operation Maneater: Bolder and wilder than James Bond.”

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